Adoptive Parent FAQ’s

With the million questions you may have running through your mind right now, let us help answer a few of them. Have more? Reach out at any time to have your questions and worries answered.
What makes Haven Adoptions unique?

Haven Adoptions shares the goals of their adoptive families as well as the biological mothers.  As our mission states, Haven Adoptions will always provide hope and a new start through support, truth, advocacy and options.  Our high level of personalized service and attention will allow Haven to deliver the best options to all parties in the adoption process.

Is Haven Adoptions a licensed agency?

Yes.  Haven Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency in the state of Pennsylvania and works with adoptive and biological families throughout the United States, as well as collaborating with other adoption agencies, attorneys, and facilitators across the nation.

What services does Haven Adoptions provide to Adoptive Parents?

Haven Adoptions takes pride in serving our adoptive parents with the utmost sensitivity and support throughout the adoption process.  We understand that deciding to adopt is a very exciting but sometimes difficult and emotional decision.  We make a commitment to educate our adoptive parents about each step of the process, assist adoptive parents in creating their profile,support adoptive parents through our F.I.T.T. (Forever in this Together) program, guide adoptive parents while matched with a biological mother and prepare them for the upcoming arrival of their adoptive child. In addition, Haven Adoptions offers home study services, post placement visits, collaboration with legal counsel, and 24/7 availability.

Does the staff at Haven Adoptions have extensive adoption experience?

Yes.  Kelly and Sarah have over 21 years of combined adoption experience and social work.  Kelly and Sarah founded Haven Adoptions sharing the same mission and adoption goals.  Haven Adoptions provides quality, personalized service to adoptive and biological parents.

What does an average adoption cost?

We work hard everyday to ensure all of our families, both biological and adoptive, receive the highest quality of support and service. Haven charges a flat fee to adoptive parents for services provided throughout the adoption process. There are three phases of the flat fee schedule – joining the active waiting list, joining the FITT Program and when you match. Our fees do not include legal fees paid to an outside attorney, ICPC work if out of state and mileage for home study and post placements.”

How long will the adoption process take?

There are many factors involved in determining how long the adoption process will take. If the adoptive family is open to adopting various races, adopting either gender, are open to various levels of contact with birth parents and possible substance exposure, the more biological mother opportunities they will submit to, therefore shortening their wait time.  If the adoptive family prefers to only submit to certain situations, they’re submitting less and therefore could have a longer wait time.  What Haven Adoptions offers is a caseworker that will be able to discuss in depth your personal preferences and be able to give an estimation based on prior matches.

Does Haven Adoptions have a waiting list for adoptive families?

No.  What differentiates Haven Adoptions from other agencies is there is no wait list for adoptive parents!  Each biological mother situation that Haven Adoptions works with is presented to every prospective adoptive family.  Regardless of the prospective adoptive families preferences regarding race, gender, etc. they will view each biological mother situation.

Does Haven Adoptions offer a matching program?

Absolutely!  Haven Adoptions offers our prospective adoptive families the F.I.T.T Program (Forever in This Together).  This program allows adoptive parent(s) to receive pertinent information on specific adoption opportunities.  All birth parent opportunities vary and are
unique, which can match up with adoptive parents’ personal preferences.  This allows adoptive parents to be able to choose the specific opportunities that they are interested in.

How does a biological mother choose an adoptive family?

Each prospective adoptive family will work with our graphic designer to create an adoption profile.  This adoption profile is filled with pictures, captions, and text that will reflect you, your family, friends, home, interests, hobbies, vacations, holidays, etc.  Your caseworker will go over this process with you, provide a general format, and show you samples. Our graphic designer will create a beautiful, one-of- a-kind profile that represents your life. We take care of all printing, mailing hard copies to our office and creating a PDF version for you.

What type of families do you work with?

Haven Adoptions works with all family types.  We do not discriminate based on any factors. We do not have any religious affiliations.  We work with singles, same sex, cohabitating and married couples, and families who already have adoptive children or biological children.

What kind of contact will I/we have with the biological parents?

There are varying levels of openness in adoption.  Sometimes the biological parents are hoping for a visit with the adoptive family before the birth of the baby and once a year after the baby is born.  This would take place in a mutually agreed upon meeting place between the biological parents and adoptive family.  The most common type of open adoption would include some kind of contact before birth (phone, text, email, possible face to face meeting) and a picture/letter update once or twice a year from birth until age 18.  A closed adoption means that the biological parents and/or the adoptive family is not looking to have any contact with each other.

What information will I(we) receive on the biological parents?

In most cases, adoptive families will receive background information.  A caseworker works extensively with the biological parents before the opportunity is shared with prospective adoptive families. Biological parents are asked to provide a proof of pregnancy, sign a medical release form, and fill out a medical background questionnaire as well as a social history questionnaire.  Sometimes pictures are
included.  Non-identifying information will be passed along to the prospective adoptive families.