Birth Parent FAQ’s

With the million questions you may have running through your mind right now, let us help answer a few of them. Have more? Reach out at any time to have your questions and worries answered.
What is the next step?

You have already made the first step by visiting our page! We know this can be a scary time for you and we are here to help in anyway we can.  There are 6 basic steps to adoption, but right now the most important step is contacting us so we can help you.  Please visit our Contact Us Page or feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-716-8220 or text us at 484-213-7011.  We have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your questions.

Can I pick my family?

Yes!  Your adoption plan is completely up to you.  An advocate works with you to design your own adoption.  You can review as many profiles as you would like to choose the best family for you.  Many of our birth parents meet the adoptive parents for dinner, go to doctors appointments together and/or talk on the phone, while others have minimal contact to no contact.  With Haven Adoptions there is a broad scale of open and closed adoptions and we work with you to pick the right situation that best fits YOUR needs.

Can I talk to someone right away?

Absolutely! We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions for you. You can call us at 1-800-716-8220 text us at 484-213-7011, or live chat at the bottom of your screen!

Can I pick an open or closed adoption?

Yes, your adoption plan is your choice!  Haven Adoptions offers open adoptions and closed adoptions. We want you to choose the adoption that best fits your needs. Open adoption is a form of adoption where the birth parents and adoptive families have an option for continuing contact after the birth of the baby. There are several different ways to remain in contact and it is up to the birth parents to decide what they are most comfortable with. This could include pictures and letter updates, phone and email contact, or visits a few times a year.

Closed Adoption is a form of adoption where an infant is adopted by another family and the record of the birth parents is kept sealed.  There is no contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents.

You choose the level of openness that you are most comfortable with.

I need to move! Can you help me?

Yes, we can help you if you need to move.  You can select where you would like to live and we will help you find something that is affordable and safe.

What if I don’t know who the father is?

If you do not know who the father is you can still move forward with an adoption plan. Each state has different laws regarding the birth father of the child, but it is always possible to terminate a birth father’s rights when the birth father is unknown. If you do know the birth father, you can choose to have him participate in your adoption plan and there is a caseworker on staff to help him. We are here to help you understand the laws of adoption in the state that you are residing in and what the rights of the biological father are. Haven Adoptions is here to support you and make sure you are not alone during this journey.

Does an adoption cost me anything?

No.  Haven Adoptions’ services are provided to you at no cost.

Will anybody find out about the adoption?

No.  All of our adoptions are confidential.  If you choose not to share this information with your family and friends, that is your decision.  You may share your adoption with whomever you are comfortable with, but that is your choice.

Can I receive counseling?

Yes! Haven Adoptions encourages counseling for all birth parents. You are welcome to choose your counselor or we have a wonderful counselor on staff to support you through the adoption.

Can I talk and meet the adoptive family?

Absolutely!  If you choose to have an open adoption you can speak with the adoptive parents in person, on the phone and/or by e-mail.  The contact you have is up to you.

What if I have consumed drugs or alcohol during my pregnancy? Will I still be able to find an adoptive family?

Yes.  Haven Adoptions works with adoptive families who are comfortable adopting a child who has been exposed to alcohol or drugs in utero. The most important thing is that you are open and honest about your prior use so that Haven Adoptions is able to connect you with an adoptive family who is the best fit for you and the baby.

If you are struggling with addiction, Haven Adoptions will help you find support.

How far along in my pregnancy do I have to be to move forward?

You can contact Haven Adoptions at any point during your pregnancy or even after the baby is born.  Some women choose to make the decision at the moment they find out they are pregnant, while others make the decision close to or after delivery.  We will help you make an adoption plan at any point during your pregnancy or after.  Please know it’s never too late to choose an adoption plan.

What if I do not live in Pennsylvania?

Haven Adoptions works with birth parents and adoptive parents all over the United States.  We are here to support you and help you through the steps of adoption.

Do I have to do any paperwork?

Yes, but very minimal. Haven Adoptions will work with you to fill out the paperwork in the beginning that helps you develop your adoption plan. However, you will not sign any paperwork that concerns your rights until after the baby is born.

What do I tell my parents?

We understand that at any age it can be difficult to talk to your family about an unplanned pregnancy.  While you don’t need your parent’s consent if you are over 18 years old, we would encourage you to speak with your family about your decision.  Your case worker and counselor will help you do this.

Can I talk to someone who has made an adoption plan?

Absolutely! Our Peer to Peer program was created for birth mothers to be able to connect with someone who has previously been through the adoption experience. It is nice to have another perspective from a person who has been through a similar situation. Please contact us for more information about this.

What if I do not have medical insurance?

Not to worry, either we will help you receive state medical assistance or take care of all of your medical bills related to your pregnancy.  Please contact Haven Adoptions for assistance to see if you qualify for state medical insurance.

Are the adoptive families screened? What do they have to do to adopt?

Yes! The adoptive parents go through a required process called a Home Study.  This process is extremely thorough and includes background clearances, FBI and child abuse clearances, medical evaluations, home inspections, reference letters, financial reports and an interview process along with several other requirements that vary from state to state.

What if I have not been to the doctors?

It’s OK.  Your case worker will help you find a doctor or healthcare facility that is confidential and free for you.

What happens before the baby is born?

After you have chosen a family and you are sure that you want to move forward with them, you are considered “matched.”  You will have made your adoption plan and, if you would like, will speak to the adoptive parents. You may also spend time with the adoptive parents and see them in person. You will also continue to seek prenatal care and your caseworker will help you make arrangements to make sure you are supported and ready for the delivery.

What happens when I go into labor?

Our staff works with you in advance to make a hospital plan that best fits your needs. This may include who to contact when you go into labor and who you want at the hospital with you. Some women choose to have the adoptive parents support them in the hospital and some women prefer to spend alone time with the baby, or be with their friends and family.  The decision is completely up to you.

Will the baby be in foster care?

No.  When the baby is born he or she is discharged from the hospital to the adoptive parents.

Do I have to go to court?

No, in the state of Pennsylvania, you are not required to go to court. But every state has different laws regarding the adoption process.  For the majority of the states, you are not required to make an appearance in court. Contact us for more information.